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Nerve Blocks in Southern California

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Neurological issues, especially nerve pain, can be all-consuming. If you’re in or around Las Vegas and are seeking relief from such symptoms, reach out to the experts at Las Vegas Sports & Spine Center. Our team is adept at diagnosing and addressing these concerns using nerve blocks.

Understanding Nerve Blocks

What Exactly is a Nerve Block?

Nerves act as the communication bridge between your body and brain, ensuring everything operates smoothly. However, when there’s a disruption in this communication, often due to injury or trauma, it can lead to intense pain. Nerve blocks come into play here – these are injections that interrupt these pain signals, offering patients relief from their discomfort.

What Situations Call for Nerve Blocks?

Nerve blocks aren’t exclusive to injury-related pain. They’re also employed to address neuropathic pain, which stems from neurological diseases or damage. Common nerve block types include epidural injections, trigger point injections (where anesthetics are introduced to the pain points), nerve ablation (targeting the pain source by freezing or burning the tissue), and ganglion blocks (often used for conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome).

How is the Nerve Block Procedure Conducted?

Nerve blocks are often the initial step in diagnosing neurological issues. These straightforward procedures help doctors assess the nervous system and identify the pain’s origin. They can be administered in various body parts, including the neck, shoulders, hands, lower back, and legs, depending on the affected area.

Integrating Nerve Blocks with Other Therapies

For optimal results, nerve blocks are often combined with other treatments like medications, physical therapy, or acupuncture. During your initial consultation, our specialized doctor will guide you through the best treatment plan tailored for you.